Player Attendance - All Leagues

  • 7 (or more) vs 7 (or more) – everyone plays 1 full uninterrupted period plus portion of another, and sits 1 full uninterrupted period
  • 7 (or more) vs 6 – Team with 7 must have all players play 1 full uninterrupted plus portion of another, but DOES NOT have to sit a full quarter; Team with 6 must have a player, chosen by the opposing team, sit 1 full uninterrupted, everyone else must play at least one full uninterrupted, but do not have to sit.
  • 5 vs 7 (or more) – Team with 7 (or more) must play everyone 1 full uninterrupted period, but does not have to sit anyone; Team with 5 – everyone plays full game
  • 6 vs 6 – Both teams must play everyone 1 full uninterrupted period AND a player, chosen by the opposing team* for each team must sit 1 full uninterrupted period; everyone else does not need to sit.
  • *The opposing coach, with assistance from referees, will select who he/she deems a player to sit on other team.
  • Must have 5 players to start a game.  If a team has 5 players and one fouls out, the oposing team receives 2 shots + the ball on the players 5th foul. The player continues to play but every additionial foul on that player is 2 shots and the ball for the other team.  If team has 5 and one is injured or needs to leave early, they play 5 on 4 for remainder of the game.  Cannot play with less than 4 – anyone fouling out would remain in the game and every foul would be 2 shots and the ball for other team.
  • If a team knows/thinks that a 6th or 7th player will be arriving late, then they should start the game under that assumption and play/sit accordingly until the start of the 3rd period.  Once 3rd period starts, anyone arriving late does not have to play/sit under the normal league rules.  We would ask that coaches do their best to get the kid(s) in as best they can in that situation.  If player arrives before the start of the 3rd period, then “regular” (as defined by the chart above) playing time rules would still apply.


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